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Xi'an Bookstore survey: selling teaching aids is difficult to save lives. Minority bookstores have a living head

in recent years, the search for physical bookstores is mostly associated with bankruptcy. A large number of small and medium-sized bookstores have quietly disappeared in such a wave. Many people think this is an inevitable trend. Of course, some lucky people have escaped the disaster, but they just don't know how long they can persist in the continuous impact

700 bookstores closed in 5 years, but minority bookstores that do not sell best-selling books have stood for 23 years

it is absolutely crazy to open bookstores now! Boss sun of Hanfeng Bowen Bookstore told him that in his view, it is impossible to make a lot of money by selling books now. Losing money or even going bankrupt is a common phenomenon

boss sun's words are by no means alarmist. According to a survey by the all China Federation of industry and Commerce in 2011, nearly 50% of physical bookstores in the country have closed down in the past 10 years, and this trend is gradually intensifying. Specifically, in Shaanxi, more than 700 bookstores have closed down in the five years since 2007

in such a tide of physical Bookstore closures, boss sun's bookstore has stood for 23 years, and has become one of the few bookstores in Xi'an that have been in the past few years

in the Hanfeng Bowen bookstore in cypress forest, thread bound books occupy the best position in the bookstore, and all kinds of art and cultural relics books are filled with cabinets on both sides, leaving only narrow passages for people to pass. Boss sun is a book lover, and the books in the bookstore are mostly selected according to his personal preferences. Although he will also consider the needs of readers, he still stubbornly adheres to some principles, such as resolutely not selling best sellers

Chai Jing's see, which was very popular a while ago, we didn't sell this one

best selling writers like xiongpeiyun, I haven't entered their books. Lin Da is an exception. His books have been sold before, but now they are not good-looking, so he doesn't sell them

according to boss sun, adhering to the niche route is the most important reason why Hanfeng blog can survive. First of all, the pricing of niche books is not much different from that in physical bookstores, while physical stores have more advantages than stores for books with a sense of quality such as thread bound books. The second is to adhere to the route of specialization. A city of such size as Xi'an can always find a suitable audience

and these are also the biggest capital that he has not worried about store competition so far. If a small bookstore like me wants to sell best-selling books, it is impossible for anyone to compete at a discount. No one will be stupid enough to do business at a loss

relying on the public praise established in the past 23 years, Hanfeng blog can still maintain normal operation, but boss sun admitted that the current market is more and more depressed, and there is no room for so many bookstores. It is absolutely crazy to open new stores

although boss sun confidently said that his store would not be affected by going to the bookstore, he also planned to open a store in Confucius (the most famous used book trading station in China), because there were more buyers and wider sales channels

the increasingly deserted book wholesale market

the book wholesale market on Jiefang Road is the largest book distribution center in the whole northwest. Since 2003, a large number of bookstores have been settled in one after another. Almost every day, there is a lot of noise here. Businessmen with various accents bargain here, and boxes of books are sent from here to all parts of the country

on April 23, when I came here again, the noise had long disappeared, leaving only a slightly empty hall and groups of idle clerks. It's the off-season now, and the business before and after the start of school is still the elevator landing door fire resistance test, which has contact friction with the screw rod; Method ga109 ⑴ 995 is good. A clerk told me. At its peak, there were more than 300 bookstores here, but now there are only more than 100

some media once said that 90% of physical bookstores in Xi'an now live by selling teaching auxiliary books, which has been confirmed in this largest book wholesale market in Northwest China

here, college entrance examination and high school entrance examination books are always the most popular, while civil service examination books have increased rapidly recently. Due to the low cost and large market demand of these books, many bookstores have switched to selling them. Even in a shop specializing in maps, geography guidance materials have been placed in a prominent position

at first, it was basically half. Later, more and more teaching aids books were sold, and now only fourorfive schools are left without teaching aids. Owner Wang of Quanyi Bookstore told me

when I first came here, the rent of a 50 square meter store was 8400 a month, and I got two free months in December. Although the rent is still 84 now, fine chemicals is one of the most dynamic fields in the chemical industry, but there is no extra two months. Now everything is rising, and I don't know what the rent will be like in the future. The boss of Siwei Bookstore said anxiously that many people who sold books together had changed careers, and the rest could only survive by fighting a price war, which made the profit space smaller and smaller

it is understood that many bookstores here have the experience of opening stores in Shanghai, but most of them end up unharmed. Because I don't have time to manage, but also because I don't know the network. The boss of Siwei Bookstore added

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