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the survey shows that: glassware is the safest to hold food

anyone who really wants to taste pure natural flavor thinks that it is the best to hold food in glassware. Although people are worried about its fragility, glass containers are the safest and most fashionable for food

in developed countries, the per capita consumption of glass products is 50-60 kg per year, while China's per capita consumption is less than 5 kg per year. In these countries, glass bottled drinks are very popular. Because they are safe and fresh, the price is higher than that of cans, which is just the opposite with China. It is also a good choice to put liquid condiments in glass containers

because of its stable quality, glass will not react chemically with spices such as oil and vinegar to produce harmful substances that affect people's health. It is also a good choice to make cold dishes and fruit salad in glass containers. There are many kinds of glass. As a food container, it is best to choose colorless and transparent glass products

although the plastic products used in the market to start the oil pump to hold food are convenient and not fragile, they inevitably bring many negative effects to people. For example, the sprite bottle used to hold coke and the plastic oil barrel used to hold cooking oil are mainly made of polypropylene, which is non-toxic in itself. However, polypropylene is a kind of ethylene polymer compound. If fat soluble organic substances such as edible oil and alcohol are stored for a long time, ethylene will be dissolved and separated out by soluble organic substances. Because such plastic bottles are easy to age and have poor light resistance, they are vulnerable to the effects of oxygen, ozone and ultraviolet rays in the air and produce unpleasant chemical odor, which will not only accelerate the oxidation and rancidity of edible oil and food, but also accelerate the aging of plastics, Break the carbon chain of polypropylene to produce more ethylene monomers

experts pointed out that if people eat too much ethylene (to a concentration that is toxic to people), they can cause headache, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, anemia, memory loss, insomnia and other symptoms

the survey also shows that various plastic containers are lurking with many "invisible killers", also known as environmental hormones, that harm humans. Since the advent of chloride in plastic containers in the 1930s, it is the use of leverage that has greatly reduced the average sperm count of men. Environmental hormone refers to some substances in the environment that can affect human endocrine function like hormones. Even if the number is very small, it will also cause endocrine imbalance in human organisms, such as reduction in the number of sperm, infertility of 2 and 10 [cross head] women, habitual abortion, uterine diseases, etc. It can be seen from this that it is best to put food in glassware first. For example, the edible oil in plastic bottles bought from the market should be immediately replaced into glass bottles for storage

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