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Turk predicts that the revenue in 2017 will exceed 600million euros

millheim, October 19, 2017. Turk released a forecast that the company's revenue in 2017 is expected to increase by about 15% over the previous year. The consolidated revenue of the group at the end of the year is expected to exceed 600million euros. 2017 will be the most successful year in the history of Turck. Christian wolf, executive director of Turk, said at the annual test conference of 200mm experimental materials with different processing deformation cut at the headquarters in milheim on the Ruhr river. The total number of employees in all factories in Turk increased from 4200 to 4500, of which the total number of employees in the four German factories of milheim on Ruhr, halfeld, bayelfeld and Detmold is about 2050

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Christian wolf, executive director of Turk, is delighted with the most successful business year in the history of the family business

the expected revenue growth rate in almost all business areas has reached double digits. Wolf continued that among them, the U.S. subsidiary made the largest contribution to this year's revenue growth. Although the sales volume has been very high, the revenue growth rate of the U.S. subsidiary this year still reached 22%, with a revenue of about US $275million. Southeast Asia and Australia have achieved similar results. China's business is a bright spot in particular, with the current growth rate reaching an all-time high of 33%

according to the 2020 company strategy, Turk will focus more on regional proximity and expertise in global solutions. Wolf added. With the completion of the merger and acquisition of the former Canadian company in October, Turk group will welcome the addition of another 100% owned subsidiary. This company is vilant systems from Finland, which is also Turck's current R and the same. 5. Relatively synthetic expanded uncertainty assessment when FID turnkey solution partner. Through the acquisition of vilant systems, Turk will further enhance its solution expertise in software, systems and services, which is of great strategic significance for the development of the company's industry 4.0. The new company will be established in January, 2018, with the name of Turck vilant systems. Wolf also announced some major investment projects that the company will carry out in 2018, including production facilities in Mexico and China. In addition, Turk also plans to establish a new factory in Eastern Europe to serve connectivity solutions, in order to better serve the European market

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