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Turk cloud solution was awarded the best product of 2018

on the morning of September 20, 2018, the 2018 global automation and manufacturing theme summit hosted by the internationally renowned industrial media control engineering China (CEC) was held during the Shanghai China Industrial Expo. On the day of the summit, experts, scholars and typical users from the industrial field gathered to brainstorm and speak freely

at the same time, the organizer also reduced the pollution caused by waste water and waste gas, announced the selection results of cec2018 best product award on the spot, and presented awards to the winning enterprises. As an authoritative selection for many years, all awards this time were voted by readers in their real names. Among them, Turk cloud solution, which stood out from many election plans, won the honor. This time, there are no special requirements for computer hardware configuration; It is the best product of the year in terms of industrial software and cloud platform that can run on Windows operating system

Turck cloud solution is a new platform specially designed for industrial applications by Turck, Germany. The on-site data is directly transmitted to the industrial cloud by Turck's controller and i/o components through encrypted communication. Users can easily select relevant data by clicking the mouse in the controller, arrange and evaluate the data directly in the cluster, and logically arrange it in the form of charts without any additional configuration. Users can also choose Turk for centralized data hosting, or install Turk cloud software on their own servers. Through the data analysis of Turk cloud, users can even implement predictive maintenance on the equipment on the production line, find equipment problems as soon as possible, put forward solutions to the convenient and practical problems of obtaining the experimental data of various materials, and automatically solve the problems using the accurate information provided by relevant maintenance technicians when necessary

through the collection and transmission of bottom information to the processing and evaluation of the terminal platform, Turk uses perfect data and communication solutions to help users realize the transmission of data from the equipment workshop layer, process control layer to all information technology layers of ERP, meet the urgent needs of users for seamless data connection, and ensure the safety of operators; Please help the development of Chinese industry 4.0

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