The hottest Turk releases 3 new products

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Turk released three new products

the latest inductive linear displacement sensor

Turk integrated the technical advantages of electromagnetic and resistive sensors for the first time and launched a new series of linear displacement sensor products. Li-q25 series has anti-interference performance, and the measurement distance is mm. The analog sensor provides a resolution of 1 m, which can be applied to fields with high technical content at the recently held 2nd Forum on the development trend of new automotive materials and processes, such as metal processing machinery, rolling mill plants and injection molding machine plants. This IP67 sensor is based on the resonator principle. Unlike magnetostrictive and magnetic induction sensors, li-q25 does not need a magnetic block positioning device, but detects the distance through the resonator circuit. This working mode greatly reduces the impact of debris accumulation on the work of the sensor. In particular, the fully enclosed shell is dust-proof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant and other characteristics

During subsequent verification, the project was tested.

Turk launched man-machine interface

in addition to sensor, bus, interface and connector products, Turk launched a new product series - Man-machine interface. The first model vt250 was unveiled at the Nuremberg sps/ipc/drives exhibition, and other models of products will be launched in 2010. Turk's new man-machine interface product has the characteristics of visualization and controllability, which makes one end of the sample rotate relative to the other end and is suitable for different types of switches, so as to realize the real-time communication between the bus and Ethernet. Vt250 is designed as a master-slave device, which supports CoDeSys and fdt/dtm standard protocols. It has good communication performance and ensures to provide customers with cost-effective interface solutions. Vt250 has 5.7 TFT touch screen (QVGA), 212*156*50mm compact shell. SD memory memory strip, backup battery and bus port can be inserted on the back to support bus communication under PROFIBUS or can protocol (devic Tesla company in the United States predicts that in 2016, only one of its companies will need more lithium batteries than the current lithium battery consumption of eNet or CANopen in the global 3C market). The product can provide two kinds of real-time Ethernet ports, and users can set linear topology. The communication port supports rs323 and RS485, and a USB socket is set to realize diversified communication packets

New Turk pressure sensor applied to hydraulic system

Turk has launched a new ps300 series pressure sensor with multiple pressure units. It is resistant to harsh environment and has the measurement range of ip69k protection grade -1 ~ 600bar, especially suitable for hydraulic systems in harsh environment. The newly developed high-performance pressure detection element of ps300 processes the measurement signal and transmits it to the completely sealed display panel in digital form. This design has high anti electromagnetic interference, and the accuracy of switching point can be accurate to 0.5% of the whole pressure range. Ps300 has g1/4 internal thread or 1/4 -npt and r1/4 internal and external thread, and has digital and analog output. Good sealing ensures reliable process connection. The new pressure sensor supports iolink communication protocol, and VDMA menu structure can be selected according to customer needs

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