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Turk launched RFID code carrier with sensor function

Turk expanded its RFID system BL ident and introduced a new data carrier, which integrates the memory space for RFID data and sensor functions. The new code carrier has additional proximity switch function, and the integrated temperature sensor function will be launched in December. Sensors with other functions will be released one by one in the near future

Turck's RFID system BL ident and Formula One Racing have a common distinctive feature: both need to be continuously improved to achieve the highest performance. Turk's innovative smart data carrier not only provides storage space for RFID data, but also integrates the functions of sensors. Not long ago, Turk introduced a series of models for the first time. One carrier is integrated with a temperature sensor, and one carrier is integrated with an inductive proximity switch. RFID carriers combined with other sensors will also be launched in the near future

the new sensor type code carrier is of great significance. It expands the efficiency of RFID system and can realize a variety of new applications that cannot be effectively solved by existing solutions. For example, when the new inductive sensor carrier is adhered to a punch or a conveyor belt with low stability, it can not only identify, but also detect the position, and no additional wiring is required. For example, the block pasted with the code carrier is installed on the equipment, and the inductive RFID sensor can accurately detect the position and locking of the correct block according to the corresponding ID. Temperature sensor carriers also have many new applications, such as food and animal feed industries. This new code carrier can help users detect the correct process temperature and verify the temperature change according to the program

the power supply of Turck's new sensor type code carrier can be selectively integrated. The transmitted and received signals pass through the high frequency band (13.56MHz). The code carrier without battery power can directly obtain energy from the electromagnetic field, and the integrated power carrier can even be used as a data recorder. They can be designated to use the reinforced top-level design in a wide temperature range (-40 to +105 ℃), and the short-term operation under the environmental temperature lower than +130 ℃ and high pressure environment will not damage the code carrier. It is necessary to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for plastic granulator equipment

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