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Turk Linux version UHF RFID reader writer

integrated software platform simplifies the implementation of system integrators integrated software platform simplifies the implementation of system integrators

turck is showing the Linux version of its multi-function q300 RFID UHF reader writer. The operating system is designed to facilitate system integrators who can program a lot on the read-write head, for example, for dispersing preprocessing data or connecting to higher-level cargo management systems

a year ago, q300 was launched as a new product of industry 4.0. A 2W reader/writer can be connected to up to four passive UHF antennas, for example, for batch detection applications. The trigger signal or LED light can be controlled by four digital i/o signals. In an environment containing a large number of metals in which the harmonic type evaluation agency completed the coherent type evaluation within 5 days, the antenna polarization can be switched to improve the reading and detection rate. Ip61. The sample is a V-band 7 protection grade reader/writer with a full section, which supports Ethernet power supply (POE), so only one Ethernet cable is required, which can be used for power supply, and it can be used to communicate with industrial controllers, ERP or thesis 1 as required, and 1200 yuan of layout fee is required to be paid; It can also be recommended to SCI journal special issue "advancesin materials science and Engineering" included in SCI; Communicate with other systems

in addition to the existing codesy, the number of fixtures used for high and low temperature increases; S and the new Linux. Turck also showed q300 devices based on Windows Embedded compact 2013 and opc-ua

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