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Application of visual inspection quality controller for small package appearance in the tobacco industry

GD packaging machine the visual inspection quality controller for small package appearance has been put into use in Shanghai, Wuhan and Ningbo cigarette factories respectively The newly developed GD packaging has basically the same load that can be reached by each load. The visual inspection quality controller for the appearance of small packages is the first choice to detect the appearance quality of cigarette packages by using the current visual technology to simulate the human eye, which is better than the human eye. It is based on the needs of some cigarette enterprises to reduce the price and strive for market factories to implement the brand strategy. The annual output value of the new material industry has exceeded 1trillion yuan. At present, it has been used in Shanghai, Wuhan Cigarette factories such as Ningbo have been successfully put into use and achieved ideal results, which have been widely praised

the detection quality controller has the following technical features:

1. It is easy to install. Through visual inspection, unqualified packets are removed at the ch removal port, achieving an annual growth rate of about 20% for four consecutive years

2. For (GDX1) soft package, the small package sealing label (floret) and the box cover can be detected, such as missing stickers, reverse stickers, skews, offsets, lap malpositions, printing defects, etc

3. For (GDX2) hard shell packets, it can detect the positive and negative sides of the case leather, whether there is a flip, the flip is damaged, the flip opening, the turn of the packet, the reverse side of the case leather, the raised edges of the ears on both sides of the packet, the printing defects of the case leather, etc

4. It can remember the appearance of 16 different brands of cigarettes, and up to 16 detection points can be set for each brand of small packets, which further ensures the appearance quality of cigarette packets

5. It is equipped with RS232 (RS485) communication interface to realize real-time transmission of production data and scientific management

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