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Application of North China industrial control embedded computer in vehicle TV system

application background:

in recent years, the domestic vehicle TV market has grown from scratch and has made great progress. In addition to buses, vehicle electronics have been widely used in long-distance buses, taxis, high-speed railways, light rail and other means of transportation. With the continuous reduction of car prices, the domestic car ownership has increased strongly, which has brought a broad market for on-board TV systems. At the same time, due to the application of computer and network technology, vehicle TV has developed from a simple player with a huge volume to a multimedia network TV system with small volume and two-way interactive function

system overview:

vehicle mounted TV system is a vehicle mounted digital program receiving and playing device. Due to the application of wireless network, vehicle TV, as a new kind of automotive electronic products, is becoming more and more popular among people in the industry who experiment in only two directions in this kind of situation, which is called "mobile entertainment". It can be widely used in long-distance buses, buses, taxis, private cars, railways, light rail and many other means of transportation, providing passengers with rich entertainment programs and real-time information, and forming a good in car entertainment atmosphere. In addition, the on-board TV system can also provide various information for drivers and passengers in time, enriching and facilitating passengers' travel life

system requirements

vehicles are prone to many unpredictable environmental changes during operation, such as bumps, high-speed operation, bad weather and so on. Therefore, the on-board TV system must have good anti-seismic, high and low temperature resistance, humidity resistance and other characteristics to adapt to the harsh application environment and ensure that the system can play without fault in any environment. In addition, due to the limited space in the car body, on-board electronic products also need to be small, light weight, low power consumption and other characteristics


North China industrial control bis-6610, as the core motherboard of the vehicle TV system, mainly plays the role of master control. For customers, high reliability, compact appearance, strong scalability, good compatibility and low power consumption are crucial. The company is scheduled to start the annual holiday from February 9. North China industrial control bis-6610 adopts a low-noise fan free design, supports vga/dvi/tv display mode, and is easy to expand. It has SD card reader, 4 USB2.0 ports, VGA, TV out, DVI, 5.1 ch audio, and 1 serial port, providing a safe and reliable hardware platform for the on-board TV system

bis-6610 features:

● shape PELLETHAN shows people a new face full of vitality and imagination. The main advantages of TPU include: excellent anti kink, elasticity, flexibility and compact, low-noise fan free design

● socket 479 Intel Core 2 duo/core duo/celeron m ultra-low power processor supporting FSB 533/667mhz

● built-in notebook hard disk bracket, One SATA2/mini ide notebook hard disk can be installed

● support vga/dvi/tv display mode

● Mini PCI expansion slot, optional wireless card

● SD card reader/type2 CompactFlash/mini PCI

system advantages:

● high stability, can adapt to various harsh application environments, and long-term trouble free operation

● low power, ultra-low power processor, no cooling fan is required during use

● good image display function, supporting vga/dvi/tv display mode

● perfect expansion capability, providing access methods for connecting various peripherals

● easy to operate, support CompactFlash card

● compact structure and small volume, which can be flexibly embedded in various systems to meet different installation requirements

network topology


North China industrial control, as one of the main providers of embedded industrial computer solutions in China, has strong R & D strength, advanced production capacity and unparalleled cost-effectiveness advantages. Its sales network throughout the country can provide customers with timely and convenient professional services and help customers provide embedded value-added solutions. (end)

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